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Step 3: Order A Website

We believe the Internet is a terrific medium for reaching out to existing customers and connecting with potential customers. Many Web design firms can build a Web site, but only a few companies can effectively integrate your Website into your business and make it a success. Typically, our work at, Inc. involves or revolves around the web as a primary means of running your business, projecting your organization and communicating your message to the World., Inc. concentrates on user experience, creating unique websites, simplifying processes, making things run faster and making systems more reliable, all the while keeping things flexible so your business can expand and evolve.

We have successfully developed website solutions in virtually every industry meeting many different needs, from building complex file repository systems for company Intranets, to ecommerce websites, and websites that gives full control to the website owner to allow them to update their content, jobs, products, etc. online without the need of a web developer.

We will work with you to determine the most you can get out of your website and deliver the best solution possible. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to make you look great. We can't help it, it's in our nature. And it doesn't stop after the website development is complete. We will continue to guide you with our exceptionally high level of personal service to get you through any obstacles you encounter and continue to make your business a success.

Entrust us to create professional website designs that will 'Wow' your visitors and put you one step ahead of your competitors. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate on your next project. You have nothing to lose.

So how do we get started?

Now you must determine how many pages you will need and what options you would like to add to your website to make your site stand out. Normally how you tell how many pages you will need is based on the menu or navigation.


The sample above results in a 5 page website. If you choose our Admin Portal CMS (See Images Below) or just the database feature, this will decrease the number of pages for your products as all your products will be listed dynamically. Without a database you will need to create a static page for each page manually which will be costly to you. So carefully determine your best options based on your budget. We try to offer the lowest cost possible allowing you to get an advanced website for half the cost that other companies offer. Once your send us a quote request, and would like to proceed once a quote has been given, you will then receive a project agreement and a 50% deposit invoice "Required To Activate The Project" via email.

After this process is done what's next?

Ok, after the Project Agreement has been signed and the 50% Deposit has been taken care of, we then start on your website design. You will receive a URL to our test server where you will see the site that we are building for you. We normally like to create 4 design layouts for you to choose from in order to give a fair selection instead of just designing one layout and making you except it. Our methods gives you a better range of styles and also gives you the option of combining 2 or 3 layouts or changing a few to meet your needs before you choose the final layout. If you already have your own design that you would like to use, we can work with that as well. When you choose a design layout that you like from our selection, we then start the building stage by turning the actual design into your new website. At that point we will request content from you for each page, for example, about us information, contact info to display, product images and information, or photos you would like to put in a photo gallery. If you want to supply us with stock photos for your website you can go to to choose from a large selection of photos available for your website. once you purchase them or provide your own photos, just email them to us. Whatever pages you want we will require the information from you that you would like to display. If you choose to have our Admin Portal CMS (See Images Below) with your site, then we will give you access to the Admin Portal CMS to allow you to enter in your own content, products, photos, etc. while still on our test server.

When my website is all done what's the next step?

Once your website is 100% to your satisfaction and want us to push your website live to your new hosting account, we will send you the invoice for the remaining amount due for your project before pushing your site live. Once that has been taken care of we then push your website live and run our website web scan software to make sure your website links are bug free. We then will run a multi-platform / multi-browser screen test to make sure the site looks good on all browsers in all OS platforms. At this point your web project agreement with us is fulfilled and you are now the full owner of your very own website. If you are going to host your website with us, we offer free search engine submissions to 100's of search engines as part of your hosting package so the search engines can spider your website as soon as its launched. That's pretty much it, so if you would like, Inc. to design your next website then click request quote above to get started...

What is your Admin Portal CMS?

Our Admin Portal CMS option allows you to have all your pages of your website linked to a database and you can therefor login to your CMS to maintain your content, photos, videos, products, job listing, anything you want... See screen shots below...